Holiday Knitting

This morning on Facebook I posted my very simple New Year’s resolution:  to live more, love more and laugh more.  I’m going to add a little to that, to blog more.

I hope that your holidays were filled with all that you hoped and wished for.  Mine were, including spending precious time with family and friends.

I did a lot of holiday knitting this year.  I think everyone on my list received a hand knitted piece or two from me.  A few of my own designs but also some other great designs by other designers.  Here’s a snapshot of a few of the items.


I also did some special knitting for Teddy.  Teddy is a classic Pooh bear I gave to my youngest niece when she was born 7 years ago.  Teddy (a she, not a he) is a very well loved bear as you will see shortly.  My niece requested that my dad make a wooden bed for Teddy along with a locking box for Teddy and the bed to go in.  And she requested that I, Auntie Shel, knit a blanket for Teddy’s new bed.  I apologize for the poor photo quality.




Now to show you how well loved Teddy is.  Over the past 7 years, Teddy has gone missing on occassion.  Early on, my mom thought it would be a great idea to get a “backup Teddy” just in case the original one was lost forever.  Well, my niece didn’t think it was such a great idea and named the new bear “New Ted”.  She even went so far as to give it to her older sister.  The following pictures are of Teddy and New Ted.


While perusing Twitter before the holidays, I ran across a great idea for “wrapping” packages.  I wish I could remember who the talented person was so I could give them credit, but I can’t.  I put the smaller knitted gifts inside mason jars.  I wish the photos were a bit clearer, but this will give you an idea.


Now it’s time to get back to working on my own designs.  I’m pretty excited about them and will fill you in soon.

Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!




  1. Wow Shellie…those are adorable.I love the mason jar display for your goods! Keep up the good work and fyi…..your New Years Resolution sounds great.


  2. The mason jar wrapping is brilliant; thanks for this cool idea for next year.

    We had blankie, and bought a twin of blankie so there would be a backup on laundry days. But one blanket had a thicker corner, so they ended up being named “Blankie” and “Fat.” Oh, well; he loved them both.


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