Sorry it’s taken so long to write another post.  A lot of exciting things have been going on.  First of all, you know my Portlander Mitts pattern was published in Knitty.  What a crazy morning that was.  I kept checking the site to see if it was live.  The morning it did go live, my friend Sherri text me to let me know.  Of course I was in the car driving in to Portland.  I tried logging on to the site on my iphone but to no avail.  The server was busy as zillions of other knitters were trying to do the same thing.  I reached my destination in Portland, which is another exciting story, and was able to get logged on.  There really aren’t any words to explain the feeling of seeing your first published pattern.  I’m so grateful and so excited about this journey.

My other exciting news of the morning was that I was going to do some work for my favorite LYS/yarn company in Portland.  They are in need of some bookkeeping help, so I’m working there a couple days a week right now.  I’m actually working in the yarn warehouse which is really cool.  My two worlds have really collided and it’s pretty awesome to be working surrounded by tons of yarn.  I also get to see the new yarns and designs that are coming out which is pretty exciting.

On the knitting front, I’m still working on the Little Shawlette ebook for my store on Ravelry.  I have four and a half of the six knitted, two patterns written and being edited.  I’m hoping to get those two released next week.  I was notified by a woman on Ravelry that she wants to make one of them for her sister-in-law’s birthday in August, so that will be the first one released.  I’m really having fun with this series.

I’m also working on a new design with a new yarn that hasn’t been released yet.  How cool is that?

Bye for now and happy knitting!




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