The Beach

Last weekend I went to Cannon Beach, OR with my mom and sister. Unbelievably, that was the first time just the three of us had gone away together. We actually invited Dad to join us, but he declined. I just don’t understand why. Could it possibly have been due to the fact that we spent most of the day Saturday shopping? I think we hit every shop in Cannon Beach and went in to Seaside and hit some more! Come to think of it, we did some shopping Friday when we got down there and finished up with a little more Sunday morning. And of course we went to the adorable yarn shop. Mom even bought some yarn and needles to make a scarf for herself. Just couldn’t get my sister interested. One of these days 🙂

We had such a great time. The weather was absolutely perfect. We went for a walk on the beach Friday night and watched a stunning sunset.



As I mentioned before, Saturday was spent exploring the shops of Cannon Beach and Seaside. We had breakfast at this adorable little (and I mean little) restaurant named “Lazy Susan Cafe”. I had a bacon (yum), spinach, cheese and mushroom omelet and their incredible crispy fried potatoes. I had to take a picture of this sign on their wall.

That says it all.

We went out for a fabulous dinner at the Wayfarer. It’s right on the beach and has an incredible view of Haystack Rock. Then back to our room to watch Duck football. Sorry Ducks, but I fell asleep sometime in the third quarter. But you were doing fine without me.

Then back to Lazy Susan Cafe Sunday morning for another fabulous breakfast and another incredible omelet. Why take a chance on having an ok breakfast when you know you can have an awesome one.

We went for another walk on the beach – much needed after all the great food we had over the weekend.




We were lucky to be down there at low tide and got to see some cool stuff.



And I found the tiniest whole sand dollar, which is amazing to me.

I can’t forget the adorable bird that lived at our hotel.

I’m thinking this needs to be an annual event for the three of us. It was so great to spend some quality time with them.

Now for what’s on the needles. I completed my commissioned piece for the yarn company and turned it in last Friday. The pattern is with the tech editor and the photo shoot was done this week.
I’ll share details when it’s released. Very exciting.

Mom brought out a sweater I knit for my Dad over 25 years ago recently. OMG. Have my knitting skills improved over the years. It’s actually a pretty cool color block sweater with black, grey, purple, pink, etc. And he wore it several times. Even in a family photo. It got me thinking that other than the occasional hat, I haven’t knit for him since then. Not that he needs much knitwear in the sunny warm climate of Arizona, but he needs something new. So I’m making a golf vest for him. I’m making it out of Shibui Knits Cima yarn, which is a dream to knit with and feels like butter. Just imagine how soft a super baby alpaca is 🙂 Third times a charm as they say, as this is the third revision. I started it with one strand of Cima, but it felt a bit light and the cable pattern I chose seemed a bit feminine, which won’t do at all. So I doubled up the yarn and made it more manly and I think I’ve got a winner. I’ve got about a third of the back done since earlier this week. No problems getting it done for Christmas. Shhhh. It’s a surprise.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone and happy knitting!


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