Now Thatsa Sauce

When I first started this blog, I thought I would only be writing about knitting related things. But I like to cook. And I like to try different things. And I like to share my discoveries with others. So I guess this is turning into a bit of a cooking blog too. I don’t cook a lot during the week, but especially during the Fall and Winter months, I like to whip up something special. So this morning, while enjoying my coffee, and knitting of course, I was pondering what to cook. I was texting my friend Deb and she mentioned she was making spaghetti sauce. Bingo!

So here are the main ingredients:
Ground sirloin – 1 lb
Ground hot italian sausage 1/2 lb (I chickened out a little on this first go around)
Cremini mushrooms
Sweet onion – 1/2 of a large one
Garlic (of course) – 3 cloves
A jar of spaghetti sauce (yes, I cheated and this isn’t all from scratch)
A can of diced tomatoes in italian spices (to add some chunky tomatoeyness-that should really be a word)
A bit of cinnamon (to add a little sweetness)- a couple generous shakes
A bit of red pepper flakes (to add a little hotness) – several shakes
A three cheese italian blend
Rice spaghetti since I’m gluten free


I sautéed the onion, garlic and mushrooms in a bit of olive oil and set that aside. I browned the ground sirloin and italian sausage. I put the veggies back in along with the remaining ingredients except for the cheese and pasta. I then let it simmer and mingle for about an hour.

And the result: Holy cow, come to mama! I think we have a winner!

Let me know if you dare to try this concoction. I’d love to know if you agree.

Enjoy your weekend and as always, happy knitting!



  1. Looks de-LISH-ous!!! And, I’m famous!! Ha! Mine came out not quite as thick as we like it, so I had to let it simmer yesterday for awhile to thicken it up – like all day. Now it is just perfect!


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