I Love Shibui Knits

Well it has been a pretty exciting week for me. My first design for Shibui Knits was released this week, along with five other beautiful designs created by Kristin Ford, Daniela Nii, Lidia Tsymbal and Annelena Mattison. Shibui Mix S/S 13
Along with the new design collection, they also released new colors for their existing yarn lines. Really beautiful. I’m working with four of the new colors right now (of course).
Click here to see the new colors added to the color palette. New Shibui colors
Here are some photos of my design:


As always, being on the cutting edge as they are, Shibui is constantly working on new designs, new colors and new yarns. I’m hoping to get my hands on something new this week to play with.

I’ve been working on a couple of fun new accessory designs. I’m working them in two different yarns, one of which is Shibui Knits Cima, which I’ve gushed about in previous posts. It’s the darker version in this photo and I’ve used four of the new colors.

That’s the latest update for you. As always, there’s lots of knitting and ideas flowing around here.

Happy knitting,


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