A New Magic…

It’s that time of year again. Time to photograph our SS17 Collection. We had our studio shoot and will have our campaign shoot on Friday.

I’ve written before in a previous post about the Magic that happens at a photo shoot. Everything still applies, except for the fact that we are shooting in a much larger space and aren’t tripping over one another.

Yesterday, to my surprise, another kind of magic occurred. It was as if I was experiencing some of the pieces for the first time. I found this very odd because I spend several weeks creating each piece and I get very intimate with every aspect of them. However, holding a piece in my lap is very different from seeing it come alive when worn by a beautiful model. Two pieces in particular really surprised me and I came to love them even more. I wish I could show you, but we’ll have to wait until March.

The shoot yesterday went seamlessly, which considering the fact that we were working with a new model and a new photographer (Joanna’s baby girl just couldn’t wait until after the photo shoot to be born :-), we could have had some hiccups. But alas, more magic.



A very happy team

We were very fortunate to have Leah’s friend Rebekah Lee, fill in for Joanna this week. She stepped right up and did a beautiful job for us. She is a freelance photographer and you can check out her work on her website and her Instagram. Thanks Rebekah!

And our new model ~ such a beautiful woman and a real joy to work with. Since this is a new look for us, I will share more about her when we get closer to launch.

That’s it for now. Back to working on FW17. Enjoy your day.

Knit on!



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