Early morning

So I grumbled quite loudly earlier this morning, 4am to be exact, because I was awake that early on a Saturday morning. Not loud enough to wake the sleeping old deaf dog though. He’s the one that usually wakes me around 6am if I’m not up – because he wants cuddle time on the couch. I actually love this time of day because it’s so peaceful and quiet and it feels like it’s truly “my time”. No phone calls or emails to worry about. Nothing going on in the neighborhood to distract me. Just time to be and enjoy.

I got up, made my coffee and checked my email. I had one from another online knitting magazine for their call for submissions. They send these out asking designers to come up with designs for their magazines. They also usually give information on what they are looking for and share inspiration boards to help with the creative process. Well low and behold, I think I have one that will fit in with what they are looking for.

This creative process amazes me constantly. Earlier this week I had a tiny spark of an idea. Since then I have designed and knitted the first mitten. I’m now working on the matching (things have to match, you know) cowl and will probably also design a hat. So back to the early morning thing. I’ve knitted the swatch (sample, for you non-knitters) to be sent with my submission and will work on getting the rest of the submission ready to be sent off. I might not have gotten that done if I had slept in so I’m grateful for that. Their deadline is Sept. 15th so it will be awhile before I hear from them but I’ll keep you posted. Here is the link to their inspiration board for mittens to give you an idea.

This is what I’ll be doing next week 🙂


Have a great weekend everyone and happy knitting!


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