Counting Rows

Most knitters would probably agree that getting stitch gauge in your knitting is much more important than getting row gauge. I would have agreed with that until recently. Getting row gauge, or at least knowing the row gauge you are getting is just as important. 

This became very apparent to me while working on a couple of my recent designs. Knitting with Shibui Knits Maai yarn, and due to its stretchy chainette construction, knowing your row gauge after blocking is crucial. Since the yarn has a tendency to grow after blocking, you may end up with a garment much larger than you’ve planned if you don’t pay attention to your post-blocking gauge.

I’ve now added a new routine to my knitting. I acutally count all rows while I knit. I knit a sizable swatch, at least 6 X 6″, block it, and trust that gauge. I will then calculate how many rows I need to knit for each section and then keep track. I use a simple tally system. It’s also a good idea to count rows to make sure you knit pieces the same, such as sleeves, front and back, etc. There’s nothing worse than finishing both sleeves only to realize one is an inch longer. 

On a much more exciting note, I’m attaching the link to our SS15 Look Book. Here you can take a look at our beautiful new yarn, Twig, and our new SS15 pattern collection, designed completely in-house for the first time.



Oh, you’ve probably noticed the new look of the blog. I’m trying this one out for a while. I’m a Pisces and I like change, so this probably won’t be the last time you see a new look.

Happy knitting!




  1. Thank you for the gauge wise.I started knitting in October ,I know I have a long way to go,but I am totally obsessed with knowing everything possible to help me along.To think back when others started way before,this stupendous information was not there.I really appreciate and admire, all knitters who share (crucial at times ) how to knit with some ease.


  2. Beautiful Look Book! I can’t wait to try the new projects and Shibui Twig! What’s the best way to join skeins?


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