This Never Gets Old…

Not any of it, ever. There is always something new. Another new design to create, another new (to me) technique to learn, another new yarn to dream about and help create.

For someone like me, who likes a bit of change, probably because I’m a Pisces, this career is ideal for me. I am always looking forward to the next “thing”. I love to rearrange my furniture, change the paint color in my bathroom, etc. I’m sure some of you can relate. 

And boy, is there a lot of “new” going on for me right now. Here’s a snapshot for you:

  • I am working on completing the designs and patterns for the last four pieces in our FW16 Collection. Yes, I am working on them all in one way or another.
  • I have started the concepting process for our SS17 Collection, gathering ideas for general shapes, yarn combinations, etc to start working on with our team.
  • I am putting together my wish list for our next new yarn, which is not an easy task, but very exciting.
  • I am also trying to fit in some knitting for me personally. Along with the collection piece deadlines, I want to complete 2-3 pieces for myself by the next TNNA in June.
  • Shibui Knits is going through a rebranding, so we will have an exciting new look. I can’t wait for you to see it.
  • SS16 Collection will be launching on February 12th. This is always such an exciting time for me. This will be my third collection for Shibui Knits. Wow.

As you can see, there is a lot on my plate, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love and thrive on the “new” and “next” thing. It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily to-do list and forget what is really going on here.


I am so grateful and so amazed and am so blessed. Not only do I get to do what I love, but I also get to do it with an amazing team that loves this company and what we produce as much as I do. And on top of that, I get paid for it. I am one lucky girl.

Since the intention of this blog is to share my journey with you, I just wanted to update you on what’s been going on.  I will try to post more regularly, but I think you’ll understand why and if I don’t.

One new technique I’ve been working with recently is the waste yarn tubular cast-on. Check it out on YouTube. Love it.  You may see it used in an upcoming design 🙂 

Another reason why I am so busy is due to the fact that this little guy came into my life last June. Meet Bentley. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Love him to pieces. And he gets to go to work with me. He has his own Instagram account – @mylifewithbently if you want to check it out and follow our journey. I’m sure I will post the occasional photo of him here.

Enough for now. Lots of knitting to do. Enjoy your weekend and I hope it includes some knitting.


If you would like to follow the happenings at Shibui Knits, please go to our website, where you can find the links to our newsletter and our social media sites.




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