Why I knit…

This post has been perculating for a while. Some very obvious reasons spring to mind. I knit because it feeds my soul. I knit because I enjoy it. I knit because I have a constant burning desire to create something new ALL the time. You see where I am going and this list could be very long, but I want to share with you one very important reason why I knit. I knit because it calms me. It grounds me. I knit because it calms my fears and eases my very real anxieties. The very moment I pick up my needles and yarn, a sense of calm comes over me. All worries and fears immediately dissipate. I instantly return to my blissful place. I find that magical.

Knitting gives me the space and time to relax and reflect. It gives me the place where I can think about my life and what I want to create in it. When I am knitting I feel I am truly me and not a version of me I think others want to see. When I am knitting, I know that I am enough. 

I am so very blessed to have been taught to knit by my grandmother when I was 7 years old. Knitting has served me very well for most of my life and I am so very thankful to have had it. There have been times when I felt guilty about knitting so much because I “should” have been doing something else, like cleaning, etc. After 45 years, I am just now realizing what an important role knitting has played in my life. It is a major part of who I am and how I express myself.

I know a lot of people are feeling a lot of unease and fear right now. My wish would be that everyone could find that special something that could ease those fears, if only for a few moments, and give them the space to feel safe.

That is why I knit. 

Knit on, my friends! (Or paint, draw, write, golf, whatever feeds your soul)




  1. Help Shellie , please !! I am what you may call a ” very slow knitter and not real talented” . I accidentally removed all markers for side seam on slope pattern and didn’t realize until I was done with shaping lower back. I am doing the long version and was just ready to start decreasing round instructions and only have a marker to beginning of round. Can I just place the side seam marker now or do I have to start over.???? Where do I place the marker?.


    1. Hi Janet. You can place it now without starting over. If you can figure out where the beg of round is, divide the total number of sts by 2 and that will be your other “side seam”. I hope this helps. Thank you for knitting Slope!!


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