I Am So Very Thankful…

I am sitting here this morning, reliving the past several days spent at TNNA in Columbus Ohio. (For my non-knitting friends, this is The National Needle Arts convention). I’m a bit tired but I am also very energized and excited after sharing so much time and space with so many incredibly creative and passionate people. It is very easy for me to feel a bit isolated sitting in my little corner of our office, where I do most of my creating. Being able to get out and spend time with our amazing customers, who are just as passionate about our work as we are, gives me such an incredible feeling and makes me want to do better and create more for them. 

A couple highlights (I wasn’t very good at getting photos with our customers):

I was finally able to meet Lucinda of Mont Tricot in Quebec
I was blessed to spend a little time with Lisa, Melissa, Amalia and Francois of Espace Tricot ~ also in Quebec

It’s also wonderful for me to connect with fellow designers and dyers whom I’ve met before, and to make new connections with others. We work in an industry that, for the most part, supports each other and shares ideas and information, which in my opinion, elevates our craft. We don’t feel a need to compete, but a need to support and encourage. 

A few of us knitting at the Columbus airport ~ Charisa, Heidi, Alexandra, Lorajean, Jenn, Meghan, Sandy and me

And we would not be enjoying the success we have without the hard work and dedication from our passionate sales reps ~
Relaxing and putting our feet up after a long day – Lindsay, Sandy, Jessica and Nancy

I can’t forget to mention our team: Darcy, Sandy, Mary and Charisa. You guys ROCK! We were such a great team and worked so well together.

Our very full booth

I was able to get a photo with two adorable alpacas ~

We enjoyed delicious food and a cocktail or two, and of course we had to hit Jeni’s ~

I ate at Martini’s three times. That’s how great it was. And the Black Cherry Manhattan ~ wow

We were able to get out a bit to see the sights ~

And a great big thank you to all of you that gave Bentley some love. It means the world to me that you care about my little golden nugget ~

And finally home in the PNW ~

Mt Hood from the airplane

I am truly blessed to be able to live my passion and to share it with so many of you. Thank you all for your amazing support and for being such a great part of it. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s a wonderful ride we are on.

Knit (create) on!




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