Design Spotlight: Fresco

Our FW17 Collection launched last week. If you didn’t get a chance to see it yet, here is the link to the Lookbook.

Over the next several weeks I will be spotlighting each of the pieces in the collection and give you a closer look.

The first piece I am going to talk about is Fresco.

Fresco is worked flat from the bottom up using 1 strand of our amazing new yarn Birch, on size 5 needles. Fresco is worked in a Garter Stitch pattern, starting with a 1 x 1 ribbing at the hem. Fresco features notched side vents at the hem and Stockinette Stitch edging along the side seams. I felt this edging gave the Garter Stitch some stability and added some interest at the side seams. The sleeves are worked flat in Garter Stitch and bound of with a stretchy bind-off for added ease when seaming them to the body. The cuff is turned up and tacked in place.

I really enjoyed knitting Fresco. The simplicity of the Garter Stitch, combined with the hem/vent shaping and the Stockinette Stitch edgings had the right amount of knitting interest. It was a very easy piece to take along with me. The boxy shape of Fresco, combined with the loftiness of Birch makes it a very comfortable wear.


  • Garter Stitch
  • Stockinette Stitch edgings
  • Notched hem
  • Folded cuff on 3/4 length sleeves


  • German Short Rows for shoulder shaping
  • 3-Needle Bind-Off for shoulders
  • Binding off in the Center of a Row for better neckline
  • Sloped Bind-Off at neckline for a smooth finish

I haven’t started one for myself as of yet, but there will be one on the needles soon. Now to decide which color…

Knit on!!



Photos: Shibui Knits





  1. I am in desperate need of technical support for the Fresno pattern. I cannot get the “Garter Pattern” to work as presented. Garter stitch and stockinette stitch have dramatically different row gauges, and I cannot get the pictured result working them both in the same row. My resources and research fail to provide a solution to this issue. Do you have a more definitive instruction for this stitch pattern?

    Row 1 (RS): Knit
    Row 2 (WS): P4, k to last 4 sts, p4.

    Thank you,


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