My Grandmother’s Jewelry

I had the great honor of spending Thanksgiving day with my 91 year old Grandmother. It was just the two of us. We had a lovely dinner at her retirement home and we spent some time catching up on “family news”. She recently moved into a new apartment and had a Nordstrom gift box sitting on her coffee table. I exclaimed with glee “you found it!”, referring to the turquoise bracelet in the photo below. You see, this bracelet has been MIA for some time now. This bracelet has a special meaning for me, because for most of my childhood, more days than not, I remember her wearing this bracelet. She has always loved turquoise jewelry and has had quite a few pieces, but for some reason this piece was always special to me. And after we talked today, it is even more special. Apparently my grandmother has loved turquoise since she was a girl. Her mother new this and saved her money and when my grandmother was in high school, she bought this bracelet for her. I am now the proud “keeper of the bracelet”, for a time, until I pass it on to my nieces. I’m not sure where the ring came from, but it matches perfectly and also fits my finger perfectly.

This bracelet was given to my grandmother sometime in the early 1940’s, so it has been around a while, but it is in great shape and all of the stones are in tact. I am honored to be the new keeper.

Today was a beautiful day and a great reminder that I need to slow down and pay more attention to the important things in my life, like time with family and other people that I love. This was my Thanksgiving Day blessing. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you! 




  1. So lovely that you had a special day with your grandmother! And, wonderful that your grandmother gave you a gift that has so much sentimental meaning to you. Enjoy it, Shellie!


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