Lucine is my latest design released last week. I’ll give you a little more info on the piece here.

I have to say that I really love this cardigan. I have worn the heck out of it and it continues to look great, even after pulling it out of a ziplock bag after my trip to VKLive in San Francisco. I will definitely be making more. It is very comfortable and very easy to wear.

The fact that it looks great coming out of a ziplock bag is testament to the amazing yarn it is knitted in. I used three colors of Heather Bostic’s House of A La Mode House Tweed DK. Color A (bottom) Lunar, Color B (center) Rose Quartz and Color C (top) Soot. I love the flecky yumminess of this yarn, as well as the subtle tonal color changes. No need to alternate skeins in order to prevent color pooling. Heather is a true master at her craft and there is a ton of her yarn in my stash right now. Watch for several more designs to come in her amazing yarns. And, best of all, Heather is an amazing woman. She’s fun, spunky, sassy and very passionate about her craft. It has been a true pleasure getting to know her. You go Girl!!

I worked LUCINE on a size 7 needle throughout. This needle size results in a somewhat relaxed fabric. I used my new obsession with the waste yarn tubular cast-on and a new-to-me tubular bind-off that matches the cast-on perfectly. Step by step instructions are included in the pattern. I used a slipped stitch 1 X 1 ribbing at the hem, cuffs and deep collar. At the color changes, I also used a subtle slipped stitch for a smooth transition.

I’ve written the instructions for the three color version, as well as a single color. It would be easy to make a two color version as well. You can find the pattern on Ravelry.

I hope you enjoy LUCINE as much as I am. Until next time, happy knitting!

Shellie (and Bentley)



  1. This is a great design, Shellie. No wonder you are getting a lot of use out of it! I love tubular cast-on and cast-off–very satisfying to have matching beginnings and endings. Thanks for the details about the yarn; it is always wonderful to learn about another great yarn and yarn artist.


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