Design Spotlight: CASSIS

CASSIS is a new design I created using Woolfolk Yarn’s FÅR. This yarn is one of my new favorites. The words soft and cozy don’t quite do this yarn justice. On a softness scale of 1 – 10, I give it an 11. The chainette construction makes it light and airy and an extreme pleasure to wear against your skin. I’m not sure that 100% cashmere feels any more like cashmere than FÅR does.


I wanted to create a piece that showcased the characteristics of this yarn. A somewhat basic pullover, a bit fitted but with a little extra room at the hip for ease of movement. CASSIS is worked in the round from the bottom up, starting with a waste yarn tubular cast-on (my new FAVORITE ribbing cast-on). This cast-on has definitely elevated my ribbing game, giving it a professional appearance with its rounded edge. The ribbing then easily transitions into a slipped stitch broken rib that is worked at the deep hem, cuffs and collar.


The body is divided at the armholes and worked flat to the shoulders. The shoulders are shaped using German Short Rows and joined using a 3-Needle Bind-Off, giving the shoulders a professional, smooth finish. The collar is picked up and worked in the round in the same ribbing as the hem and cuffs and finished with a tubular bind-off that matches the cast-on perfectly. The sleeves are worked flat, then set in and seamed. All techniques are written out in detail in the pattern. You can find the pattern here: CASSIS


As always, thank you for following along on my journey. I greatly appreciate your support!

Happy knitting from me and Bentley.




  1. Your patterns are exquisite – elegantly simple but with such great attention to detail and finishing. Can’t wait to knit this one … in the new year!


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